Phoenix Ash is America’s own Japanese Rock band. As the sole Americans on the influential Plug Records label in Japan (Daizy Stripper, Fest Vainqueur) Phoenix Ash is breaking musical and cultural barriers, fusing the essences of Japanese and American rock with their unique brand of infectious melodies and heart pumping anthems.

Phoenix Ash’s debut Japanese album「Cross the Blue」is available from all major retailers across Japan. This 2-disc set contains a mix of the band’s original J-Rock anthems as well as Japanese rock covers from Anime and TV. (album link)

Having established itself as a mainstay of video game and Japanese animation conventions across the west coast, Phoenix Ash prepared for their next big leap; into Asia. Signing with legendary producer Yoshinobu Toida (X Japan, GLAY, DaizyStripper) and Plug Records, the band launched its debut Japanese album and performed two Japanese tours, including a guest appearance by guitarist Cameron with pop icon Arashi Moritomo (森友嵐士.)

Phoenix Ash is now gearing up to release their next full length studio album, with plans to tour again later this year. Whether it be in the USA or in Japan, Phoenix Ash is leaving a wake in the world of high energy hard rock that can’t be ignored.

Sean Chen

Position:      Vocals
Birthday:     September 23
Hometown:  Chicago
Hobbies:      Anime, Karaoke

Born and raised in Chicago. He fell in love with and started singing Japanese rock and anime music during high school, and subsequently played guitar with various Jrock-inspired bands before joining Phoenix Ash. He has studied Japanese extensively since high school, and has stayed abroad in Tokyo during college.  His biggest vocal inspirations include artists such as Ryuichi (Luna Sea), Hyde (L’arc-en-ciel), and Toshi (X-Japan).

Cameron Brochier

Position:       Guitar
Birthday:      October 15
Hometown:   San Francisco
Hometown:   San Francisco

About: Cameron began playing music at the age of 14 starting with the bass guitar. In high school and college he played in several bands including IMMANIS with fellow bandmate Aaron. Cameron decided to begin his study of guitar and learned that is where his passion truly lay. It was at that point that he and Aaron founded Phoenix Ash. Cameron is influenced by guitarists Daita (SIAM SHADE), John Petrucci (DREAM THEATER), and Syu (GLANERYUS). Cameron’s style blends melodic phrasing with a firey passion that imbues the music with life.

Aaron Kelley

Position:         Drums
Birthday:       May 18
Hometown:    San Francisco
Hobbies:        Crossfit

About: Aaron started playing drums in Junior High, at the age of 13, participating in orchestra and marching bands as well as rock and jazz bands. Aaron is a founding member of Phoenix Ash along with Cameron, forming the band in 2005. His major influences are佐久間淳士 (SIAM SHADE, BULL ZEICHEN 88,) 長谷川 浩二 (ABINGDON BOYS SCHOOL,) Jaska Raatikainen (Children of Bodom,) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater.)

Lawrence "Law" Hsu

Position:       Bass
Birthday:      May 18
Hometown:   San Francisco
Hobbies:       Video Games

About:   Growing up in San Francisco, Lawrence was always around music.  Starting at the age of 3 he started learning some basic piano, which transitioned into Violin and then eventually Cello which he played for 11 years.  During high school he picked up guitar until one day he decided that he wanted to stick to his roots and jump back on the bass role.  Lawrence’s style has been regularly referred to as aggressive but melodic.  His biggest influences are Ikuo (Bull Zeichen 88) and Seiji Kameda (Do As Infinity).


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